About Aledatti Global Ventures LTD.

ALEDATTI GLOBAL VENTURES LTD is a growing business entity that is passionate about new ideas and opportunities. From the mid-2015, Nigeria’s economic situation has been dwindling due to the drop in oil prices, and that affected the inflow of cash into the country. Therefore, as an experienced entrepreneur, our company made a strategic decision to diversify its activities into the export of agricultural products.

We want to be part of the economic motivators, as we strive to play role in all sectors. We maintained a good relationship with our customers and vendors for a long time; therefore, we try to do better in the future. Our business activities are;

  • Distribution/Retail
  • Import/Export
  • Rice Milling
  • Rice Farming
  • Agent

Our traditional business model is based on the wholesales and distribution of commodity goods in the Nigerian market. Most of the goods we trade are homemade products such as pasta, rice, flour, sugar, milk, confectionery, and so on. The company is now pursuing not to be playing a local role, but an international role by concentrating on the export of agricultural products.

Our business focus is to provide both local and international value-added products and services to meet the demand of the public. Through our retail and distribution of commodity goods, we want to support the local economy by providing jobs; for the export of agricultural products, we want to reduce dependence on oil as a source of the country’s cash inflow.


Providing enhanced services, relationships,s, and profitability.


Our goal is to expand regionally to nationwide in the import and export of agro products and develop strong based key customers.

Core Values

We believe in integrating trust and honesty into all facets of our business operations.

We believe in working hand in hand with our business partners.

We believe in treating our customers/clients with respect and faith.

We believe in innovation and creativity as the engine of our growth.

Our Team

Musa Salisu Sambajo

Managing Director

Mubarak S. Sambajo

General Manager

Abdullahi Kasim Salisu


Abdulsamad S. Sambajo

Operation Manager

Ali Ibrahim

Sales Manager

Aliyu Musa Hadejia

Logistics / Co-coordination