ALEDATTI GLOBAL VENTURES LTD is an experienced company in the retail sector of the economy. We have been into retail business for over five years; however, our company has been officially registered as incorporation in September, 2015.It has originally been established as a general merchant, import and export company in Nigeria. The company is located in Kano state, northern part of Nigeria; but we are able to serve our customers all over Nigeria, especially the northern part. Being it in Kano, which is the center of commerce; it gave us better opportunity to meeting and partnering with different companies not only from Nigeria, but from Niger, Chad, India, China, Egypt, and Turkey and few more.

Our traditional business model is based on wholesales and distribution of commodity goods in the Nigerian market. Most of the goods we trade are home made products such as pasta, rice, flour, sugar, milk, confectionery, and so on. The company is now pursuing not to be playing a local role, but international role by concentrating on export of agricultural products such as Hibiscus Flower, Sesame Seeds, Pigeon Peas, Dried Split Ginger, Groundnut and Gum Arabic.


Providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.



Our mission is to achieve exponential market share in all economic sectors through co-ordination with producers, farmers, customers and the society as a whole.




To be among the top key players in as many economic sectors as possible, not just locally, but internationally.




Our goal is to expand regionally to nationwide in the import and export of agro products, and develop strong based key customers.