Sesame Seeds


Sesame seeds (or sesamum or benniseed) are the seeds of the tropical annual Sesamum indicum. The species has a long history of cultivation, mostly for its yield of oil. Nigeria is a leading producer of sesame seed in the world with an annual production of about 120,000 tons and as such sourcing the raw materials would not be a challenge.

Sesame can be processed to several different stages, such as simple cleaning, or cleaning and dehulling, cleaning/dehulling/drying, cleaning/dehulling/drying/crushing for oil, etc. In Nigeria, the primary processing facilities focus almost exclusively on cleaning. There are a few commercial cleaning facilities, and they are all privately held. Two are in Kano with a cleaning capacity of about 100 tonnes a day, and one is in Lagos with a cleaning capacity also of about 100 tonnes a day.

Common Specifications Here are the common specifications of the product

Moisture content: 6-9% max

Oil content: 45 – 60% min

Impurities: 0-2% max

Free fatty acid (FFA): 1 – 2% max

Important Details This section present the capacity, payment and shipping information

Supply Ability: 50 Tonnes/Month

Minimum Order: 100 Kg

Packaging Details: Depends on customer request

Payment Terms: LC, T/T

Delivery Details: 35 days after receiving payment

Port: Sea, Postal, and Cargo